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Insulin levels and Eleotin
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Dear Dr.Kim,


I am a 33 year old woman with initial insulin resistance. Diabetes seems to run in the family, since my mother got diabetes right after pregnancy when she was still 35. I exercise everyday (strength training and cardio) and have beeng eating a low carb diet for 2 years. Still, I am slightly overweight and no matter what I do, I can't lose it. I just got my recent test results and my blood glucose was 102, my A1c was 5.3 and my fasting insulin was 11 - all seem too high for someone on a strict low carb diet for so long. My cholesterol is great, with a very high HDL and low LDL. C Reactive protein is also very low. 


I live in Brazil and I am interested in Eleotin, specially for the fact that it can restore insulin receptors, though that would be very, very expensive for me. Do you really think it can help me lower my A1c, blood glucose, and specially my insulin, which is too high? What would be the best option for me? I prefer capsules if that is possible. Last but not least, I have adrenal fatigue and low cortisol and low aldosterone levels, which result in low blood pressure. Would Eleotin reduce these hormones further? Is Eleotin too diuretic? Since I have difficulty retaining water due to my low aldosterone level, I would prefer that it wasn't.


Thank you for your help,



drkim 2013.10.28 09:32
I am not so sure whether you should be worried. Your A1c and BGL levels are perfectly normal. I am not so sure why you desire to lower them. I am not so sure whether our products will be really helpful. In any way, can you call Roberta at our office she came from Brazil and she may help you. Too much worries about health is not healthy either. You seem to be a model healthy person...
shahrazaad@gmail.com 2013.10.30 12:30
Dear Dr. Kim, I have contacted Roberta and she is very kind and helpful, I really liked her. In fact I am not so healthy as I wish I was since I have low adrenal output and have to take some steroids because of this lack of adrenal hormones production, otherwise my blood pressure gets so low that I can't stand up. Roberta suggested that if I wanted to try something, I should go to the Mb Capsules (2 afternoon + 1 night of Gold caps) or the Mb Tea. Since I understand you developed this products, I'd like to know which Mb product is more effective to someone who would like weight loss and to restore insulin receptor sensitivity who has a slightly high insulin. I see that the website says that the tea form has to be taken for 3 to 4 months to induce 10 to 30 lbs weight loss, while the capsules need to be taken 4 to 6 months. Since you are the expert, I would like to know which is more effective for my needs? THank you again.
drkim 2013.11.02 12:02
I am not so sure whether I am an expert. But, I and my family have been using these all these years. Any way, I personally prefer Tea. But, many people prefer the convenience of the capsules. If you do not mind the minor inconvenience of making hot water and pour the tea powder, which melts itself, rather than just taking the pill, I would go for the capsules.
drkim 2014.01.12 08:52
I mean teas rather than the capsules...The last part of my previous comment is wrong.
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