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Childhood Obesity
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Obesity, and especially childhood obesity, is one of the largest concerns facing the world today. A just finished study conducted in Texas, has revealed that over 1/3rd of children tested have high levels of cholesterol. 

This is a shocking statistic but unfortunately, not very surprising. With the rise of electronic entertainment such as video games and the Internet, kids now live a more sedentary lifestyle, plonked down in front of the tv or a computer. The days of bike riding and playing outdoors may soon be just a memory!

Combined with a diet which consists more & more of processed and preservative filled foods, it's no wonder our children are feeling the effects. These processed diets also contain large amounts of carbs and sugars, which can lead to energy problems and a decrease in concentration and ability to focus. This can severely affect their schoolwork and goals in life.

It's also a lasting legacy. Kids who are overweight in their youth  are far more likely to have weight problems in later life. Not to mention the increased risk of metabolic disorders such as strokes, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. The effects on the body are horrendous. Once your metabolism gets used to these substances being consumed, it can be very hard to break the habit. Losing weight becomes more and more difficult and can be very discouraging.

There is some good news though. We can help! By combining a healthier diet and exercise with Eleotin® products, you can set your child on the right path in life. 
Our Eleotin® Juvenile Obesity Formula will help your child increase their concentration, reduce cravings, help control their blood sugar and to normalize their appetites. In capsule form for ease of ingestion.

For this a little older who might need some help, we have Eleotin® MB Pre-Brewed Tea to help. 

And for those who would like further reading, here's a brief overview of the study. Link.

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