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Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders
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Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders


 Calcium Supplement (Eleotin Cal 20®), Vitamin D Supplement (Eleotin V3D®) and Garlic Extract Nutrition (Eleotin G 2000®): Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders


 Calcium is essential for immune system, as well as bone generation and growth. Vitamin D facilitates calcium’s role in our body. And garlic contains natural vitamin-E, the so-called “cure for all”. All three are essential for our everyday health and particularly helpful for such metabolism disorders as diabetes and hypertension.  Vast research proves that these three help prevent and improve most metabolism disorder diseases.


 One caution:  They should be consumed in correct amounts, and in the ‘right’ combination.  

 For example, let’s say somebody has a large intake of calcium without consuming a matching proper amount of vitamin D. The calcium will not be absorbed properly throughout the body. As a result, the excess calcium will be simply secreted out of the body, or even accumulated in certain areas in the body, which will cause calcium accumulation which could lead to serious health problems.


 The same goes with garlic.  Proper amounts of garlic should be consumed in combination with the correct amounts of calcium and vitamin D.  Too much garlic intake alone can cause dilution of blood, as well as other undesirable, serious even dangerous issues. The key is that the ‘right’ amounts are taken in the ‘right’ combination.  

 The special we are offering now is just that ‘right’ amount and the ‘right’ combination.  EBMR guarantees that the correct amounts of active ingredients are in the capsules.



Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes.  Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.





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