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Reg. Date : 2011.10.13 14:44
Medical Blunders (2): Lack of Intuition
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At first, my doctor is Dr. Hugh Robinson. I always feel that one of the blessings I enjoy from settling down in Canada is to be able to meet such doctors like Dr. Robinson.

He seems to listen to my complaints and then gives directions from his intuitions, which happen to be always correct.  He is not afraid of giving me seemingly un-conventional advice. All members of my family trust him 100%.  Recently, I had an expensive check up in Korea. Dr. Robinson already knew what the results would be even before I shared the report with him.  He told me that I would be a lot better off if I had spent the check up money somewhere else, like travelling to sunny places during the rainy winter time. I could not agree more.

I also know Dr. Jeon who is one the most famous cancer specialists in the world. He is always so intuitive and down-to-earth...Frankly, it is only after I met him that I was set free from the fear of cancer.

These days, not many doctor-patients relations are as this intuitive and this personal.  I dare to even to put a number. I think that through impersonalization, we are losing at least 60 per cent of all the medical or therapeutic benefits that we could have obtained. This may be one of the reasons why those unlicensed quacks often are known to have remarkable therapeutic records, not infrequently higher than regular fullly and legally licensed doctors.

In Korea, in some famous hospitals, a doctor usually is known to spend 30 seconds per patient...I did not believe it until I actually saw my mother, who was a VIP patient in a hosptial. It was 83 year old my mother who cracked a joke to break the ice, which the doctor ignored. He just prescribed something coldly.  What was so sad about the encounter was that my mother who was so proud of her son, me, doing Eleotin business bragged about her son manufacturing Eleotin. The doctor without asking any question, shot back at my mother "Granny. Don't take it" That is all. No question, no investigation, I was there.  I was totally embarassed.   My poor mother stopped taking our product for her diabetes since then for fear of antagonizing the doctor...My mother passed away last year. I still feel that she could be still with me unless she had another listening doctor....

I do not hesitate a moment to cite "Impersonalization" as the most  grave medical blunder of all times.

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