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Reg. Date : 2011.08.10 12:27
Any Eleotin experience to share?
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Any Eleotin Experience to Share?

Recent warnings on Actos remind us of the ongoing list of banned diabetes drugs with deadly side effects; resulin, avandia etc.  This is not an isolated incident, but a pattern repeated for many years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Have you experienced any side effect of diabetes medications?  Are you sick and tired of side effects and toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs?  Do you have a success story of using Eleotin, the only known 100% natural normalizer of metabolic disorders?  If you have a testimony to share, please send it to us.

So far we have received many unsolicited testimonials (click here to see Eleotin Testimonials).  They are real stories from real people.  In the past, we did not make efforts to solicit testimonials from the users of our products, because we preferred to rely on clinical studies done at prestigious research institutes and government agencies (click here to see Scientific Studies).

But recently, we began to realize that most of us need personal testimonies from people just like us rather than complicated scientific studies only professionals can fully understand.  Unlike research data, testimonials are so valuable for real life encouragement and application.

That is why we ask for your testimonies.  It is a great act of endorsement to others who are still suffering from metabolic disorders such as diabetes.  All you have to do is to reply to this email with your personal photo and a few sentences about your experiences using Eleotin.  As a show of appreciation, we will send you two pairs of Eleotin Pedo-Protection Socks worth $30.

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