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The credibility of a product can be established by a few ways.

  1. Testimonies: We have many testimonies. As of March 2016, there are about 300,000 users. We have shown below just a few of the testimonies. Some of them are in our Youtube channel. We plan to be the first company in history with one million video testimonials from real users.
  2. Testimonies in general are personal, down to earth, but often anecdotal. Therefore, they should be supplemented by vigorous scientific clinical studies performed by reputable third- party research organizations, universities, and governments.
  3. Also, a credibility of a product can be supported by independent comments and reviews of healthcare professionals, such as medical doctors who are financially unrelated to the product.
  4. Next, professional associations such as the Diabetes Associations and Pharmacist Associations would also strengthen the credibility.
  5. The testimonies below are real and voluntary testimonies submitted by real people. EBMR applied minimum editions to protect the privacy of these witnesses.
  6. The clinical studies, comments by independent medical doctors, and comments by professional organizations mentioned above for our products can be found in the science section of this website:

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8 Jae Jin Lee, Gwangju-si, Korea


Testimonial By: Jae Jin Lee, Gwangju-si, Korea  ,   

Testimonial from Customer in Mexico

Dear Javier, my medication arrived three weeks ago, from Monday March 24, 2014 , I am consuming , the behavior of my sugar levels that date until today is this :

The measurement I make at 7:00 am fasting.

Mon 24/03/2014       269
Wed 3/26/2014         138
Fri 03/28/2014          143
Mon 31/03/2014         85
Mar 01/04/2014           81

Wed 04/02/2014          67
Thu, 04/03/2014          81
Fri 4/4/2014                 74

As you can see at the beginning was out of control, this week has been to " NORMAL " even levels " LOW " is this normal? there will be some after effects ?

I took 4 years GLIBENCLAMIDE / METFORMIN 5/500 mg ago. 3 doses daily. Walked always more or less in the range of 115 to 140 mg of sugar ; However since about 2 or 3 months ago I had been raising to 160, 180 and even sometimes as from Monday 24 to over 200 mg . ; Since I started taking ELEOTIN, I have had these results.

Almost a month I 'm on a diet with nutritionist ago, my doubt is that both the benefit is ELEOTIN ( Not very fast to work ?) Or by diet?.


Rogelio Ayala


April 4, 2014

Testimonial By: Eastwoodcompanies.com  ,   

Testimonial from Customer in Mexico

Dear Javier:


Two months ago I received the product Eleotin and my dad started using them, I initially had doubts that any improvement will show soon, but 22 days ago his sugar levels have dropped considerably in the last three weeks since we went for medical check at the medical clinic and his numbers have decreased from 328 to 109, 108 and 99 today.
He has 20 years of diabetic and various health problems arising from his illness, and I hope to continue with their low levels and thus recover and stop suffering the consequences of having a chronic disease like diabetes.
Thanks for the opportunity to have a new option in the treatment and give us hope for a better life.
Magdalena Gallegos
Calvillo, Ags. Mexico

June 6, 2014

Testimonial By: Eastwoodcompanies.com  ,   

Eleotin Platinum Plus tea

"I have been using Eleotin® Platinum tea for 4 months now and am definitely a satisfied customer.


I was recently relieved to find out that my blood glucose level is back to normal at my last doctor’s visit.   Previously my reading was well above the number that doctors consider diabetic. 

Also, no more painful low blood sugar episodes during the day or being disrupted with these during sleep.  These benefits are happening without negative side effects and without changing my diet. (Though if I did eat better the results I'm sure would also be even better too!) 


Do yourself a favor and give Eleotin a try."   


May 20, 2014

John H. in Peoria, IL

Testimonial By: John H.  ,   

Super Brillant Testimonial

Hello, my name is Helen and I have a kid, who has been taking ADHD medication every morning for 5 years.

My child was prone to anger, especially when he was calling me after school. If I missed his phone call, he kept calling me, getting upset and losing control. I thought that happened because he had trouble with his friends at first glance, but that happened quite often after.


Since he’s started taking ‘Super Brillant’ with Concerta, which is ADHD prescription medication he

s been taking, his anger has gradually decreased. His voice was comparatively calm now.

Probably my son grew up internally. However, I also think ‘Super Brillant’ helped him to calm down and more in control.


Lee, Helen in Seoul, Korea

Testimonial By: Helen Lee  ,   

A Letter from Florida


Hi Megan,


Hope all is well. It is good here. God is so good, I believe tha he is helping me with the Eleotin.

I thank you for being such a good young lady for your job. I hope that others are seeing you, as an asset to the company.

Megan, I deem it a real blessing, having you for encouraging me so gentle to try this product. Thank you. Oh, by the way I did receive the package sent to me. Keep sweet, God bless you.


Mar 1 2014

Rose R. Howe in Florida, USA

Testimonial By: Howe, Rose R.  ,   

J. Tranquilla

Testimonial By: Jessica Tranquilla  ,   

R. Sawczyn

Testimonial By: R. Sawczyn  ,   

Pain relief

Testimonial By: Lynda Slawinski  ,   

Testimonial: Cervical Cancer

Hello, my name is Park Young Keun; I am from Daejeon,South Korea. I would like to share a story about someone who successfully treated her cervical cancer without having to undergo major surgery. I will keep this testimonial anonymous since I wish to respect her privacy. 

     "000 (54 years of age) from Daejeon was first diagnosed with cervical cancer five years ago. She spent hours at the Chungnam National University Hospital, where she was prescribed a constant course of medication. She had tried so many options, including health supplements such as silkworm powder and acupuncture, but she had not observed any results. Then, after being introduced to Super Bentley from Maple & Friends Co., she took two capsules in the morning and two at night with one bag of basic tea in two litres of water each day for about a month. On November 26th, 2013, while attending a Maple & Friends company event, she felt nauseous and realized that she might be bleeding. She went straight to the hospital, where she bled out a blood clot about the size of a fist. Immediately, after a precise diagnosis, results showed that the cancer cells had been completely removed from her body. She was surprised how much lighter she felt and was extremely grateful for feeling much better afterwards. She would like to give special thanks to the people and the company who introduced her to the product.”


(Super Bentley is a special custom designed product exclusively made for Korean distributor, Maple and Friends.  Not available for other people.)





YSK: Please note that the above testimonial is written by someone who witnessed the cancer patient’s progress, we recommend the reader to be cautious when reading this testimonial in order not to have premature hopes. 
We are still working on obtaining a full clinical report from the attending physician. Of course, there is no concrete proof at this time that the positive result is due to the product, the result of other natural causes, or simply coincidence. However, we do know that this product can enhance the immune system, making a complete recovery possible. We thank God for providing such supplements in the name of human health and recovery.

Testimonial By: Park Young Keun  ,   

A1C went down from 11.8 to 5.8 with Eleotin® Bentley


 I am currently taking Eleotin Bentley deluxe formula to help with my Diabetes.  I have been on it for about 2 1/2 weeks.  On the bottle it says to consult a physician if taking for more than 1 month.  I saw my Doctor yesterday and my A1C came in at 5.8 down from 11.8, which surprised my doctor a great deal.  I also have lost 25 lbs since I first started to see him from diet and exercise.


 I like to continue taking Eleotin, but he advised me to stop taking it after the bottle runs out and just check my blood sugar levels and go back to see him in 1 month.  He reduced my Metformin dosage in half and is really just being prudent and careful with me.  I like to show him some research papers on Eleotin Bentley deluxe so he can better gage what it is doing to me and what benefits I could derive from it.  He simply does not want harm to come to me, I think is what his motivation is and not knowing what to look as to consult with him on it, is the issue of concern for both of us.


 I do think my diabetes was brought on by eating too many burgers, pop, fries, pasta and being obese in general.  I do like Eleotin as it helps balance out my sugar levels throughout the day and I don't get hungry.  I think it also aids in reducing my insulin resistance in my cells.


 I may have to see a natural path doctor who has more knowledge in the herb area to assess me more accurately and help me.  But what I am doing is working for me with my current doctor and I really like to help get him up to speed on Eleotin.


Dec. 31, 2013

Robert Hay in AB, Canada

Testimonial By: Robert Hay  ,   

Eleotin Cleanse & Detox

Attention to Peter


Eleotin Clenase & Detox


If you are looking for a smooth and easy cleanse and detox, I would suggest this one.

You don’t have to go every few minutes. The way I work, I don’t have time at work to go to the restroom every few minutes, so this is great, besides it is light on your stomach. If you do check after you go, it does clean out a lot of feces.

I had already changed the way I eat, but so far no feeling bloated and swelled.


Michael Martin



Testimonial By: Michael Martin  ,   

Eleotin Cleanse & Detox

    • Roberta, 
    • Please know that I am doing everything in my power to get started. I cannot believe the results!!!. I have not had the "explosion" I am anticipating and I may not have it, however what I have experienced by the third day of this product is better than that!. I had to start wearing reading glasses 2 years ago. I went from 1.00 to 1.25 to 1.50 progressively, yearly. An eye exam showed I have a left eye astigmatism, also my doctor said pre-diabetes will cause gradual vision loss and I need to get used to increasing reading strenths every year. I got up this morning and put on my 1.50 reading glasses and the screen was BLURRY!!!. I took them off and I CAN SEE!!!. I am typing this without my glasses as GOD is my witness!!!. I still need them to read fine print but I believe with continual use that will improve as well. Other things noted:
    • 1. Clearer Vision

    2. Large Bowel Movement EVERY MORNING since my first cup of tea, I was every 3-4 days before.

    3. Bloating is Gone

    4. Stomach has gone down 3 inches

    5. I feel lighter

    6. Morning stiffness gone

    7. Stiffness and pain in my joints gone

    8. Heel pain diminished

    9. Sugar Craving in the Morning gone (probably because sugar control/ metabolism is better)

    10. Appetite decreased

    11. feeling much more energetic and motivated.

    I have to share this in my nursing practice so I will try to get the funds ASAP to join.

    Thank You soooo much!

    • Jaqueline Da Costa
    • Dec 3rd, 2013
Testimonial By: Jaqueline Da Costa  ,   

Eleotin Cleanse & Detox

While I used eleotin, I experienced more regularity. I was definitely less constipated and less hungry. Additionally I was less bloated and more energized when I woke up in the morning. I did lose some weight. 


Jessica D'Oliveira

 Dec 2nd, 2013

Testimonial By: Jessica D'Oliveira  ,   

Living a better life

   In regards to our conversation, November 18th, I am sending this testimonial regarding my improvements in my insulin usage.For the past couple times, I have seen my Endocronologist, he has been adjusting my  insulin usage lower due  to improvement in my A1C, and my glucose readings. He was so excited about six months ago, he was showing some of the nurses and diabetes educators my blood sugar reading chart and my blood lab results, saying how good they were. Unfortunately, my diabetes will not reverse overnite, since I have been diagnosed since 1976, however, maintaining a positive attitude and good outlook on life, the improvements are allowing me to live a better life and I feel very good about that.


Jack Fiedler

Nov 19th, 2013

Testimonial By: Jack Fiedler  ,   

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